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Cuadernos de Coyuntura 18: Lithium: Changes in the industry and uncertainty regarding its industrialization in Bolivia

Bolivia to hunt for oil and gas in protected areas by Carlos Arze (2016)

Carlos Arze Vargas´s interview with the EcoAméricas, a monthly on development and the environment in Latin America. July 2016. (Vol. 18, Nº 9)

Arze discusses the effects of decree 2366 that authorizes oil and gas exploration in protected areas and the 2016-2010 Development Plan. 

*Entrevista a Carlos Arze Vargas, traducido al inglés y publicado en la Revista EcoAméricas en julio de 2016 (Vol. 18, Nº 9) con el título original "Bolivia to hunt for oil and gas in protected areas".

Significance and implications of the increase in hydrocarbons rents by Carlos Arze (2013)

This chapter by Carlos Arze, researcher and former executive director of CEDLA , is part of the Bolivia Information Forum Bulletin Special Edition on Extractive Industries - March 2013.

*The Bolivia Information Forum (BIF) produces a regular bulletin which is written by experts in Bolivia and in the UK and also includes frequent guest contributions from practitioners and reporters on development and human rights issues.

Bolivia and China: Indirect relations in a global market by Pablo Poveda (2010)

Poveda, Pablo. 2010. "Bolivia and China: Indirect relations in a global market". Edited by Alex E. Fernández Jilberto and Barbara Hogenboom in Latin America facing China: South-South relations beyond the Washington Consensus. CEDLA Latin America Studies (CLAS) 98. New York. Oxford: Berghahn Books

In this chapter, Pablo Poveda, a researcher with the Center of Labor and Agrarian Development Studies (CEDLA), discusses the prospects of the Development Plan of Bolivia´s President Evo Morales and the country´s future relations with China.  

The Perverse Effects of Globalization in Bolivia by Carlos Arze (2008)

Arze, Carlos. 2008. "The Perverse Effects of Globalization in Bolivia". John Crabtree and Laurence Whitehead Ed. In Unresolved Tensions: Bolivia Past and Present. Pittsburg: University of Pittsburg Press.

In this chapter, Arze discusses globalization’s impact on the Bolivian economy as well as the effects of the fixing of the price of gas exported and the implementation of the Hydrocarbons Law 1731. 



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